The moral code caused there to be some changes from the original play and the film. In the play it is revealed that Blanche’s late husband is a homosexual, and that when Blanche caught him in bed with a man she screamed at him, leading to his suicide. Her husband’s suicide was masked with the line, “she killed him herself” in the film. The other major change was the rape scene. Though it isn’t shown in the play, two key lines said by Stanley were deleted from the film, “Tiger, tiger, drop that bottle top” (this line was filmed, but later deleted. It has since been put back into the film), and “We’ve had this date with each other since the beginning!”. After these two lines Stanley grabs Blanche and hauls her off the bed. The censor cuts of this scene caused some members of the audience to be left confused. The final change from the play is the ending, in the play Stella stays with Stanley, but in the film she leaves him. The morals code insisted their be a punishment for Stanley’s raping Blanche. Tennessee Williams wrote that he liked the film but found it “slightly marred by the Hollywood ending”.